Olle Selinus – Advisor

Brief CV for Olle Selinus, focusing mainly on medical geology


1969-1971 Stora Kopparbergs Bergslags AB,: Mining geologist at the Tomtebo mine

1971-1974 Stora Kopparbergs Bergslags AB: Consultant

1971-2010 Geological Survey of Sweden, Geochemist, State geologist

1978-1994 Deputy Director of the Geochemical department at SGU

1993-2010 Research secretary, Geol Survey of Sweden

1998-2003 Director of the Geochemical department at SGU

2011- Linneaus University, Kalmar, Sweden

1996 – The IUGS commission COGEOENVIRONMENT establishes a working group on Medical Geology. Chair Olle Selinus

1997 – The working group met at the 4th International Symposium on Environmental Geochemistry. The term “Medical Geology” was adopted.

1998 – Workshop with working group in Uppsala, Sweden. Discussions on preparing a textbook on Medical Geology.Organiser Olle Selinus

2000 – A combined meeting and workshop held in Uppsala was attended by 50 people, and included a two-day seminar: “The Geochemical Environment and Human Health”, resulting in a proceedings volume.Organiser Olle Selinus

The International Geological Correlations Programme established a new programme: IGCP 454 Medical Geology, jointly sponsored by UNESCO and IUGS. It was chaired by Olle Selinus. The aim was to bring together scientists working on Medical Geology issues from the developed and the developing world, focusing on capacity building, training and exchange of information, research and laboratory experiences.

2001 – A large proposal was supported by the International Council of Science (ICSU) who granted $50,000 in support of short courses in Medical Geology to be held in 2002-2003. Project leader Olle Selinus

2002 – The COGEOENVIRONMENT working group on Medical Geology was given Special Project status to operate directly under IUGS. Chair Olle Selinus

International meetings on Medical Geology were held in Chile, Russia, Netherlands, USA and Japan, also covering neighbouring countries and regions. Medical Geology was marketed in different media and ideas of the book on Medical Geology were developed.

2004 Medical Geology was part of the ICSU initiative ”Science for Health and Well being” in Paris at the French Academy of Medicine. Representative Olle Selinus

2005 – The 1st Hemispheric Conference on Medical Geology was organized in Puerto Rico.

The book ‘Essentials of Medical Geology’ was published by Elsevier. Chief Editor Olle Selinus

2006 – The International Medical Geology Association, IMGA, was established. Chair Olle Selinus