He has over 20 years experience in community development organization in Kenya.  He is a Board member of Integrated Development Africa Programme (IDAP) a local Non-Profit Organization registered in Kenya. He is the Founder and Director of Siaya Community Library and Mama Sarah Obama Community Library in Siaya County.

He also serves as coordinator for Sister Cities International Relations in Siaya County in Kenya.

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Marsat’s passion for helping the orphans and vulnerable children has been the cornerstone of the organization. Since inception of the organization she has always worked alongside her mother (Mama Sarah Obama ) to ensure that no orphan fails to get education ,goes hungry or get malnourished. She has been in charge of both the administration and operation of the organization in Kenya; she is in charge of resource mobilization both local and international. She actively supports orphaned children and widows with the communities;

She also extended her more experience in farming for food security.

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Nasir Mogul

Nasir Mogul
Founder, President & CEO

Nasir Mogul is a dynamic results-oriented Financial Services Professional with unprecedented track record. Experience in Listings at various Stock Exchanges as a one stop service provider. Experienced in Bond Issues and R&D Funding.

Nasir Mogul has past experience running his Garment Factory, Ship Repair Company, Chain of Restaurants, Oil Field Supplies and Specialized Oilfield Engineering in the Middle East during 1970’s to 1990. Expertise in locating, recruiting, training and developing candidates into successful high producing financial services representatives in the emerging markets.

Nasir Mogul has 18 years of extensive knowledge within the financial services careers distribution unit. Skills and knowledge include, but are not limited to, traditional and variable life products, Long Term Care insurance, disability insurance, health and dental insurance, auto, home and commercial insurance, mutual funds, equities and annuities. In-depth experience in dealing with financial planning, estate planning, educational planning, split dollar, executive bonus, successor planning and retirement planning. Nasir Mogul has strong problem-solving skills, excellent communication skills with substantial platform speaking experience used for motivation and education, dynamic and a passionate team leader. Nasir Mogul’s management style is proactive, team-oriented, open communication and performance driven. Nasir Mogul is fluent in English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and some Arabic, Bengali and Persian.

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My ambitions are to manage and develop a team, unit or organization to success.


Jan 2009 – Present
Recycling Manager & Logistics Soderhalls Renhallningsverk AB – SORAB

SORAB is a regional waste company established in 1978 which is owned by 10 municipalities in northern Stockholm.

SORAB is responsible for processing household waste incl. household bulky waste and hazardous waste and serves about 500 000 inhabitants with a turnover of 265 Mn SEK ≈ 33.4 Mn USD. SORAB help households and businesses dispose of the waste generated in the region in an environmentally sound manner.

For details, please see appendix 1.

April 2005 – Dec 2008
Service Delivery Manager Key Account Ragn-Sells AB

Ragn-Sells is Sweden’s leading company in recycling and the environmental collection. They collect, process and recycle waste and residues from industry, organizations and households throughout Sweden.


May 2003 – Mars 2005
Production Manager and Service Delivery Development  Ragn-Sells AB – Industry & Business

Nov 2000 – April 2003
Operation Manager Recycling  Ragn-Sells AB – Industry & Business

1998 – 2001
Part-time Firefighter Sigtuna Marsta Raddningstjanst (local Fire Department)

Jan1998 – Nov 2000
Sanitation Recycling Worker 
Miljoservice AB (Current SUEZ)

June 1997 – Dec 1998
Sanitation Recycling Worker Ragn-Sells AB

Jan 1996 – May 1997
Athletics Teacher City of Stockholm

Aug 1994 – Dec 1996
Bakery Operation Manager Pautrask Livs AB (food retailer)


1993 – 1994
Athletics and Leadership at Lillsved Gymnastics and sports college

1-year Nordic sports management training

1991 – 1992
Compulsory Military training in the Swedish Armed Forces (10 months)

Swedish Arctic Rangers – Team Commander

K4 Arvidsjaur, Batalion

1987 – 1990
SSHL – International Boarding School

3-year Social Sciences.

1978 – 1996
Elementary School – Sigtuna ST:Per & ST:Olof

Multiple courses and training classes in Excel/VisualBasic, Psychology, Leadership and other performed during the years 1993 and 2016.



Swedish – mother tongue

English – good

Very good knowledge and skills in

        • Project planning and management
        • Planning and implementation of strategies and production solutions
        • Coaching/training of employees, contractors, consultants
        • Team development
        • Quotation and sales presentations
        • Budget and profit
        • Create spreadsheets and other templates and tools in Visual Basic
        • Microsoft Office / Outlook, Windows, Excel, PowerPoint etc.
        • Environmental and quality management systems ISO 9001 and 14001
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Victor Chang

Victor has been working with Sustainability and Environmental technology since 2004. While at Kot Consulting he worked with transnational trade within the Recycled plastics Industry. Since then he has spent 14 years networking in Sweden, California, Texas and various places in Japan. With his network of Professors and developers, Victor has been directly instructed by the relevant professional within Water Treatment, Ship Recycling, Metal Recycling and Sustainable Hydrogen production. This mix of experts and technologies exist in a very collaborative atmosphere around Victor daily.

During the last year Victor has been awarded new Senior positions in different diplomatic organizations such as Hellenic National Council of Clubs and Centers for UNESCO in Athens Greece. His mission is to create Trans- European partnerships within Sustainable Technology projects, while strengthening Culture and Food exchange on our continent.

During the last 10 years Victor has also held many Operational positions within the Food Tech Industry both in Sweden, North and South America as well as within the EU. With more than 40 different organic food products under his belt, he continues to find more products that will strengthen agricultural ties within Europe. Since 2016 he has been the Director of Quality Assurance at Ecoliving and Greensmile which has its headquarters just outside Stockholm in tranquil Salem.

Victor lives on a farm with his family in the Northern part of Stockholms län.

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Jonas Sokas

 For 20 years, Jonas Sokas worked as an educationalist at various higher education institutions, i.e. as a lecturer in Lithuanian State Institute of Physical Education, and in Lithuanian Agricultural Academy.

He took a post-graduate course at Visual Cultural Research Institute in Moscow, Russia. Consequently, he has defended a scientific dissertation, and acquired a doctorate degree in social sciences.

For 23 years, he worked in “Circle K Lietuva” (previously, “Lietuva Statoil”) as a developer of the network of service stations in Lithuania.

For 3 years, he has headed the company as the Managing Director.

At present, Jonas Sokas works with the following companies:

SWESTEP (Sweden) – recycling of secondary raw materials into energy sources.
JUSO ENERGY (Estonia) – green energy production in Poland.
UAB Circle K Lithuania (Lithuania / Canada) – development of the network of service stations in Lithuania.
ORLEN Lietuva / UAB Irlanda (Lithuania / Poland) – development of the network of service stations in Lithuania.
UAB “Margasmilte” (Lithuania) – preparation of a project for mining raw materials in Lithuania.

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George Kinigalakis

George Kinigalakis(GK) was born in 1944 in Piraeus, Greece, and obtained his degree in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Athens in 1967. During his student years in Athens he made several visits to Sweden and he came in contact with the University of Lund and worked as a trainee on major paper industries in Sweden.

Since 1968, GK is a permanent resident of Sweden where during the first years he devoted to research studies in mathematics, theoretical physics and quantum chemistry at the University of Lund and University of Uppsala. As a young scientist from Greece where the environmental issues were low valued at that time, became GK deeply fascinated by the values prevailing in the Swedish society focusing on the human values, as they are represented by Humaniora in Uppsala and the respect to the environment.

GK made supplementary studies and conducted applied R&D in environmental science, industrial safety, waste treatment, material recycling, renewable energy, production of non-fossil fuels, etc and created an international network of experts participating also in various environmental activities for dissemination of knowledge in Sweden and internationally. Aiming to create opportunities to contribute in practice to environmental protection, decided GK in 1994, to found, together with Doc Anders Lindvall, Prof Ulf Lindh and Prof Olle Selinus, the R&D company Medimetal Ltd (MM) in Uppsala.

The clear objective of MM was to develop and introduce innovative methods for environmental protection and the main subject of the company has been research on the effects of heavy metals on humans and the environment including the pollution of sea and sediment under the overall scientific disciplines of Metal Biology and Medical Geology. The methods we have developed are about diagnostics, medical treatment and prevention of health impacts caused by occupational exposure and industrial activity, as well as environmental and climate impact.

In the field of industrial safety, GK has expert knowledge in risk assessment regarding occupational accidents and occupational diseases in industrial sectors, where major risks may occur, and large amounts of toxic substances are handled, such as dismantling and recycling of ships. GK has through Medimetal Ltd participated in two multinational EU programs, such as the EU FP6 “Shipdismantl” 2004-2008 and EU FP7 “DIVEST” 2008-2011, which have resulted at developing a model for sustainable recycling of ships.

Since environmental pollution issues are often directly related to waste management, has GK and his team devoted much of their applied research to innovative recycling methods, aimed at zero emission technologies, leading to disappearing of the landfills and eliminating of the waste incineration. The proposed applications and models are based on recycling methods using residues from the industry and shipping activities as well as municipality waste, MSW, for production of commercial products according to the principle of trach-to-cash.

Due of the alarming development of marine pollution and the scaring threat caused by ocean plastics, as it has been noted by international organizations recently, an important priority of GK and his colleagues is to develop a floating system for sampling and recycling the plastics that pollute the seas and convert them into commercial fuel implementing the innovative Swestep method.

GK is nowadays strongly committed to the global climate change problem by being member of various non-profit organizations such as Climate Action, CEEII, etc. GK along with the group of researchers who own and operate the Medimetal Ltd and CEEII are currently motivated and  inspired to contribute to a long-term reduction of climate change, the housekeeping of natural resources and the overall reduction of using fossil fuels being in compliance with the EU directive on Circular Economy to create a non-fossil society.

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