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    Our Mission and Philosophy

    CEEII.ORG is an R&D Institution founded in Uppsala, Sweden, which operates in the fields of environmental protection, climate, recycling, metal impact, ocean plastics, etc, in close collaboration with the University and research institutions in Uppsala and the Royal Technical University of Stockholm, KTH.

    In the field of Metal Biology and Medical Geology, we have conducted research on the effects of heavy metals on humans and the environment including the pollution of sea and sediment. The methods we have developed are about diagnostics, medical treatment and prevention of health impacts caused by occupational exposure and industrial activity, as well as environmental and climate impact.

    In the field of industrial safety, we have expert knowledge in risk assessment regarding occupational accidents and occupational diseases in industrial sectors where major risks arise and large amounts of toxic substances are handled, such as dismantling and recycling of ships.

    CEEII.ORG has focused on developing waste treatment methods aimed at disappearing of the landfills and eliminating of the waste incineration by introducing efficient recycling methods that aim to the production of commercial products according to the trach-to-cash principle.

    The proposed model of CEEII.ORG is based on ambitious preparation of MSW and industry waste through cost-effective separation and sorting technology for producing several standard categories of materials which are further used as input material for the production of fuels as well as other commercial products.

    The overall purpose which inspires the researchers who own and operate the CEEII.ORG is to contribute to a long-term reduction of climate change, the housekeeping of natural resources and the reduction of using fossil fuels through innovative recycling methods of almost all waste and residue materials. All this as a means to be in compliance with the EU directive on Circular Economy to create a non-fossil society.

    As an important part of CEEII.ORG’s priorities is finding a solution of the ocean plastic problem by sampling and recycling the plastics that pollute the seas and convert them into commercial fuel.

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Our Mission

Creating models for non-fossil societies

Poverty is the worst form of violence

CEEII supports gender principles

Measures for emission reductions

Without the greenhouse effect, no life on Earth

Stop Global Warming

Save the circular economy

Time to leave the fossil age

Give a child a chance at life, save the planet

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors..we borrow it from our children

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