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Comparative politics

4 Lampsakou Str. Athens 115 28

tel. +30 210 7712 971, +30 210 3626 316

e-mail: *

Born in Greece, Agios Petros ,Arcadia Peloponnesse


  • D degree (excellent ) Panteion University of Political & Social Sciences, Athens (1984)
  • Post graduate studies in Comparative Law, Strasbourg University (1983)
  • Post Graduated studies, in the International Law and Foreign Affairs Institute, Aristoteliοn University, Thessaloniki. (1982)
  • MBA on Economics and Business Administration, Economic Univ of Athens. (1980)
–       Degree of Political & Economic Science, University of Athens (1979)
–       Degree of Political Sciences and Public Administration at Panteion University, Athens.(1978)
  • Participated in ΝΑTO seminars in Brussels in the years 1979, 1980, 1981
  • She worked at “Panteion” university of Political & Social Sciences in Athens, for 35 years, teaching
  • Constitutional history of modern Greece
  • Parliamentary law
  • Comparative political Systems
  • Human Rights in the European Union

 She is visitor professor from 2012 at universities of abroad (EU and USA)


  • Elected Member in the Euro-Mediterranean Academy of Arts and Sciences,A.A.S Georgia, (2010)
  • Honored (3 times) with the “Paul Harris Fellow” by  Rotary International (2010, 2014 and 2018)
  • Honored by the Russian Embassy in Athens withThe Medal of the Russian Federation for the friendship among people’s” (2004)
  • Honored from the  Rhode Island Senate and Providence Plantations  (2002)  for her contribution to culture and the collaboration between the two countries (Greece and USA)
  • Honored by the Hellenic Red Cross with the Red Cross Medal for her services (1976 & 1979)


  • European Studies & Humanities’ Organization‘ Ioannis KapodistriasNGO

President (1997-2018)

Hellenic National Council of Clubs and Centers for UNESCO, President (2004-2018 )

  • UNESCO Club of Argolis, President (1999-2018)
  • International Organization “Cultural Horizons, NGO, Vice President (2004-2018)
  • Athens Cultural Center for UNESCO, Member of the Board of Directors (2010-2018)
  • Rotary Club Athens –Lycabetus, President (2012-2013 and 2014-2015)
  • Assistant Governor of Rotary International, Hellenic Section 2470 ( 2017-2018)


She has published 6 books as follow:

  • Constitutional History of the Baltic States (1993-2003 ) A. Sakoulas, Athens 2010
  • The political role of the President of the Republic in Greece and Francea comparative analysis, Athens, 2006
  • The institution of the Senate through its constitutional regulations from antiquity to the present day” Decentralization of Local Governments and Regional Development” Review no19, Athens 2003
  • Music in the Aristotelian system in the ancient Greek City-State, Panteion University Editions, 2000
  • The service  of the President of the Republic. ed. Papazisis, Athens 1997
  • The Baltic States. Institutional aspects during the interwar period. A. Sakoulas, Athens 1991

Also, a great number of her presentations to various conferences organized from universities and Institutions in Greece and abroad, have been published.

–          The end of the 2nd World War and the role of Greece and Russia, ed. Center for European Studies, Athens 2011
  • Greek –Russian relations in the 21st century, ed Center for European Studies, Athens 2009
  • Energy Security in the 21st century, Center for European Studies & Humanities Organization, Athens 2008
  • 175 years of Greek-Russian Diplomatic Relations” ed. I Sideris, Athens 2008
  • Energy –Security in Europe Center for European Studies & Humanities Organization, Athens 2007
  • The return of the Parthenon Sculptures within the context of the European Union
  1. I. Sideris, Athens 2004


 Among them

  • Environment and Sustainable Development, Halkida, Greece 2018
  • The child and his rights: reflections & proposals, Athens 2018
  • The future of Europe, Athens 2017
  • May 9th , the Day of Europe, Athens 2017
  • Refugee and Migration- Limit for the modern world, Athens 2016
–          The 4thHellenic –Russian Forum, Athens 2016
–          The 3rd Hellenic –Russian Forum, Athens 2013
–          The 2nd Hellenic –Russian Forum, St Petersburg, Russia 2009
–          The 1st Hellenic –Russian Forum, Athens 2008
  • 2nd Energy Security in Europe in the 21st century, Athens 2007
  • 1st Energy Security in Europe and the role of Russia, Athens 2006
3rd International Conference for the Hellenic civilization “The proliferation of the Hellenic civilization by the sea. The Aegean sea and the cities of Ionia, Chios Island Greece 2004
  • 2nd International Conference for the Hellenic civilization “The proliferation of the Hellenic Civilization by the Sea and the colonies in Magna Grecia, Lecce, Italy 2000
  • 1st International Conference for the Hellenic civilization “The proliferation of the Hellenic Civilization by the Sea and the colonies in the Mediterranean Sea ” Corfu, September 1998
  • 185 years of Greek-Russian Relations, Athens, May 2012
  • 180 years of Greek-Russian Relations, Athens, May 2007
  • 175 years of Greek-Russian Relations, Athens, May 2003
  • 1st International Conference concerning the return of the Parthenon Marbles.

Athens, May 2000.


Organizes the one month summer Courses concerning the Mycenaean Civilization, for students from abroad.  Mycenae, Peloponnese 2001 – 2016


English:    fluently (Proficiency, Cc)

French:     fluently

Greek:      mother tongue

Italian.     sufficiently


  • The Hellenic Red Cross
  • The Society for Linguistic Heritage
  • The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus
  • The Organization for the Internationalization of the Greek Language
  • The AHEPA chapter in Greece for women “Daughters of Penelope

OTHER Studies

  • Studied Piano and get her Diploma from the Hellenic Conservatory of Athens, 1982
  • Studied Painting at Spyros Vasiliou School of Art, Athens (1969-1973)
  • Computer: excellent knowledge (Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet…)


  • driving
  • traveling
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