Emmanuel Stamatakis

Institute of Nuclear & Radiological Sciences & Technology, Energy & Safety, National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos (NCSRD),
Marie Curie fellow; Research & development of an up-scaled metal hydride hydrogen compressor for energy storage applications and performance of a strategic market analysis.
Actively involved in various National & International projects in the fields of Energy and Environment, such as: BOR4STORE (Fast, reliable and cost effective boron hydride based high capacity solid state hydrogen storage materials), ATLAS-H2 ( Advanced Metal Hydride Tanks for Integrated Hydrogen Applications), NREL-USA (Further development of spillover based nanostructured materials for hydrogen storage), PERL (Enhancing the research potential of the NCSRD Environmental Research Laboratory in the fields of RES & hydrogen technologies), ENGINE (Enhanced Geothermal Innovative Network for Europe), etc

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