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Christos Drakopoulos

Christos has had a distinguished career in banking, having spent 23 years with Citigroup in diverse leadership roles and now he is also in the board of directors in a Swedish Institute and in a Swedish Company.

He was responsible for and led the divestiture of a portfolio of non-core business and assets.

He received the “Retail Banker of the Year” Award by Citigroup Retail Banker Greece, which recognizes excellence and leadership in retail banking.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration from University of Macedonia and an MBA in Economic Theory and Policy.

He is also the CEO of Medimetal Ltd, an R&D company founded in 1994 in Uppsala, Sweden, which operates in the fields of environmental protection, climate, recycling, metal impact, ocean plastics, etc, in close collaboration with the University and research institutions in Uppsala and the Royal Technical University of Stockholm, KTH.

He is also a member in various cultural associations and his vision is to support innovation in the areas of economic development, education, healthcare, human rights, arts and urban development.

CEO, Chairman & co-founder

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Eleni Soura

Eleni Soura is a management executive having worked in different industries multinational companies for almost 25 years, such as Johnson &son, Roche, Allergan and Citibank int plc. Her career started from HRD working in various roles and later in 2000,  joined distribution management of financial sector working in brand new roles  for the Greek Market on that time. She aquired and developed with success  strong managerial skills such as staff selection,  people coaching and development,   crisis management,  and sales management.

Training & Development Manager

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Mariza Kareli

Mariza is the co-founder and the Chief Operating Officer of the institute. Mariza’s senior positions have varied among companies – ranging from consumer marketing, banking, business services, technology and executive management .She worked in private banking sector for more than 25 years and she filled every banking role including commercial and real estate lending. She is also a member of various philanthropic organizations, from which she is fighting for international peace and global poverty.
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